XP Gaming Machine: Create a Hardware Profile to free up System Resources

Instead of disabling HW and stopping services, let's say for gaming, create a new Hardware Profile.
Right click on My Computer - select Properties. Select Hardware Tab, then click Hardware Profiles.
Mark "Original Configuration", then Copy and then Rename to e.g "Game
Now you have created a menu that shows up when you boot your computer. Set the properties for your boot option in the "Hardware profiles selections" You normally would boot with the Original Configuration. Never delete your "Original Configuration" if you boot in another profile. Reboot your computer to see that this takes effect.

Now, to tweak the different services for a Game Machine listed in this document
Select each service to configure, right-click, select Properties, Choose "Log on" tab. In the lower part of this box select "Disable" or "Enable" dependent on which hardware profile you configure. If you configure for "Game" you choose "Disable" to free up system resources.
And here are all those services you can disable go here for details of those services
Careful: You can also disable/enable different hardware in the Device Manager - "Device Usage" box according to what Hardware profile you boot on, this is only recommended if you have any hardware that causes problems for games, etc.

Also :Configure Virtual Paging File
This tweak can increase the amount of RAM significantly used on your computer. What this tweak actually does is it uses your hard-drive disk-space to emulate RAM. This is called caching, or in Microsoft terms - The Virtual Paging File Size.
1.) Go into Control Panel and into Performance and Maintenance
2.) Get into System
3.) Click the Advanced Tab
4.) In the Performance Frame, click on Settings
5.) Once in Settings click on the Advanced Tab
6.) Now under Virutal Memory click on Change
7.) Here you can set your RAM value. The recommended increase you should make should be achieved by multiplying your RAM by 1.5. This is already done if you have a System Managed file size. This will drastically increase performance, because the system will now have a pool of cache to retrieve memory from.

After you configure Virtual Memory you should set "Initial Memory" and the "Maximum" to be the same to avoid this pagefile to be defragmented, i.e you get better performance. Use 384 MB pagefile if you have installed 256 MB RAM. (256MBx1.5=384MB) or 768 MB if you have 512 MB RAM ( 512MBx1.5=768MB)
If you used XP "clean-up" on your hardisk, then defragmented it, the PC would perform even better. Enjoy.

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