Vhong Navarro Attack CCTV Video on Facebook is a FAKE

A purported video on the attack on actor / host Vhong Navarro is now being circulated online. the CCTV footage allegedly shows Vhong being beaten by several guys inside a condo unit at The Fort. A link to the video is being spread on Facebook.
However, the video is a fake! The link takes the viewer to a clip embedded on another website.
Meanwhile, several angles are now coming out on the real reason why Vhong was beaten up - jealousy, extortion, frame up. No official word from Navarro's camp as of this writing but we expect more developments on the issue later today or tomorrow at Buzz ng Bayan. Adobo Talk PH

UPDATE: This is the purported video - a CCTV clip of a Brazilian fashion designer's shop being robbed!