Cedric Lee passionately kisses Deniece Cornejo after Vhong Navarro Was Beaten

High-resolution screenshots of new CCTV footage in the hands of the NBI show a smiling Deniece Cornejo being passionately kissed by businessman Cedric Lee inside the elevator of her condo unit.
The footage also shows Lee's sister Bernice arriving with 2 men at Cornejo's condo on January 22, the night that actor and TV host Vhong Navarro was mauled.
Bernice and her companions arrived 30 minutes before Vhong came. A few minutes later, Bernice is seen leaving the condo by her lonesome.
Cornejo has accused Navarro of raping her, while the TV host believes that he was set up and has filed charges against the Lee siblings, Cornejo and several other people.

Navarro, in his sworn statement at the NBI, said 2 men were inside Cornejo's condo even before he arrived.