Camarines Norte Governor Edgardo Tallado Scandal

Camarines Norte Gov. Edgardo Tallado on Monday apologized for the sex scandal that has afflicted his administration and family the past weeks.
At the flag ceremony with provincial hall employees, Tallado admitted having committed mistakes but failed to mention what those are.
"Kung ako po ay nagkamali, tao lang po ako, may kahinaan din po ako. Ito po ay sana unawain nating lahat," Tallado said, as aired over radio.
He pleaded his political detractors to stop spreading photos of him and his mistress on the Internet as he is not being tagged in corruption allegations.
"Walang kinalaman po sa trabaho po 'yan. Tuligsain n'yo po ako kung ang trabaho ko po ay may kinalaman," he said. "Wala pong isyu dito na ako po'y nagnakaw ng kaban ng bayan."
He also deemed the spread of the images purportedly showing him kissing an undressed woman who is not his wife.
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The governor also called the photos "obscene."
"Doon po sa mga kalaban ko sa politika, tigilan n'yo na po ang pagkakalat ng mga pino-post n'yo sa Facebook o ano man, dahil napakalaswa po n'yan," he said.
Tallado's wife, Josefina, whom he earlier thought was kidnapped surfaced last Wednesday and revealed that she ran away from their home.
She said fear of her husband prompted her to disappear after he blamed her for the leak of the compromising photos.
"It happened [last October 15] when he confronted me and I saw a gun tucked behind his waist. It was the first time I saw him very angry. That was when I felt I had to leave," she said in a television interview.