University of Saint Louis "Tuguegarao" Student

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Have you ever heard of a song entitled "I Would Do Anything For Love" by
Meat Loaf ? Well the girl in this video clip clearly demonstrate just that by
making a video of herself performing provocative sexsual acts and self
masterbation using a Feminine Wash Bottle and would you believe a
Screwdriver! All because from a simple request of her boyfriend...
One lucky guy huh...!

The video was cut short to a 25 minute clip instead of the 1 hour clip
which was requested by her boyfriend, because she needs to go to
school at that time.

Eventually the proud boyfriend was able to grab hold a copy of this video
from his girlfriend and she specifically told him (at the end of this video clip) to
delete the video file once he already finished watching it, but we all know now
that this was not the case...

The girl is a half Filipino, half Korean student of University of Saint Louis